Technological Resource Centers

Develop partnership for Translational Research

The FHU MaRCHE hosts 4 technological platforms:

  • The Clinical Research Platform (DRCI): This is a medico-administrative platform offering professional and diversified services to clinicians. It is a privileged link for drug companies wishing to develop innovation in the hospital. It is also a privileged place for clinicians wishing to develop an academic research.
  • Orphandev: Based in Marseille, in the heart of a very dynamic region in the Rare Diseases, OrphanDev is a public platform of expertise hosted by the Institute of Neurosciences of Timone (INT) at Aix Marseille University (AMU), and included in the French Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (F-CRIN), which works in collaboration with all the national bodies involved in rare diseases. OrphanDev supports researchers, medical doctors and industrialists, in developing medicines for rare diseases. This multidisciplinary team brings its expertise at both scientific and regulatory level for orphan drug designation and protocol assistance application, logistical and methodological support in rare disease clinical trials (with specificity in patient recruitment strategy) and experience in application to National and European grants. This set of services and tools accelerates the development of orphan therapeutics.
  • Clinical Investigation Center: Located within the APHM, it is an interface between basic research (which is carried out in laboratory) and clinical research (which is carried out on healthy or sick people). Its mission is to contribute to the development of innovative and competitive research in several fields.
  • Biological Resource Center: Tool for the conservation and provision of human biological samples DNA, tissues and cells for Diagnosis and Research.