Why is the federation based in Marseille?

Why is the federation based in Marseille?


Marseilles and its region represent a driving force in the area of rare and chronic diseases, ranking second region in France in terms of healthcare and research. MaRCHE is thus deeply rooted in an area of excellence in terms of patient management and innovation in these very specific clinical, therapeutic and scientific disciplines.  On the university hospital campus MaRCHE brings together different players with:  

-      7 multidisciplinary basic research teams   (678 researchers, PhD students and post-PhD students) 

-      9 centres/departments of interdisciplinary clinical research (283 hospital practitioners)

-      13 rare disease reference centres, out of which 3 coordinators

-      67 centres of competence in rare diseases

-      2 French national healthcare network for rare diseases

-      1 National Research Network, France-Coag, coordinated in Marseille