The University and the Hospital share a common campus

Marseille, pole of Excellence in care and research in rare diseases

All the players at FHU are hosted by institutions that are incontestably involved in training and research into caring for these patients.  

A few statistics regarding AMU (Aix-Marseille University):

AMU was the 1st Euro-Mediterranean university to join the ,top 100 most innovative universities in 2015, it has: 

  • 5 major campuses on 58 different sites                 
  • 130 research structures               
  • 5 interdisciplinary research programmes  
  • 12 PhD schools
  • 3400 PhD students
  • A budget of 750M€
  • A payroll of over 8000 (researcher-teachers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff) 


A few figures concerning Inserm:

The only public research organisation entirely dedicated to human health.  Inserm has:

  • 281 research structures in France and abroad     
  • 9 institutes dedicated to specific topics
  • A budget of 988 M€ 
  • A payroll of over 14 000 employees (researcher-teachers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff)



A few figures concerning CNRS :

The 5th most innovative public organisation in the world

  • 1100 research structures in France and abroad 
  • 100 public/private research structures 
  • A budget of 3.3 billion €
  • A payroll of 32000 employees (researchers-teachers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff ….)


A few figures concerning APHM:

Medical and scientific innovation to serve our patients 

  • 4 hospitals, 2000 physicians, a payroll of 12000 employees (care-givers, medical technicians, technical and administrative staff)
  • 2156 residents and medical students
  • 1285 research programmes
  • A budget of 1.275 billion €                                                                                                    

A few figures concerning the A*MIDEX University Foundation

Supporting the university of Aix-Marseilles’ position as a university of excellence, making it attractive and influent as a centre of research and a teaching hospital.  


  • 131 winners of calls for tender for projects or candidacies  
  • 15 chairs awarded
  • 85 PhD students recruited
  • 116 post-PhD students recruited
  • Over 500 international scientific experts mobilised 
  • 54 M€ allocated by the A*MIDEX steering committee (outside of Labex)